Thursday, February 23, 2012

War Wound

As I may have mentioned we've been changing things up around here a little. We moved Iz into the bigger bedroom and moved Hubby and all his work/computer/guitar gear into the smaller one (girls NEED more room, you know!). I painted Iz's room a few weeks ago and we're slowly adding the finishing touches but I wanted to keep the momentum going and so I spent last Tuesday painting the spare room. For whatever reason, Hubby didn't really want it to stay purple and yellow with Tinkerbell stuff everywhere . . . I wonder why? Anyway, I picked a nice soft brown for that room and it looks great. The trim and doors still need to be done then I'll be posting pictures :) In the meantime, I thought I'd share my war wound with you.

When painting in the house I prefer not to drag the stepladder up from the basement (stepladders are for sissies!). Instead, I drag both bar stools into the room I'm painting and use those to reach the tops of the walls. Stepping from one to the next and then dragging the first one around to the other side - safe? Not so much. Easy? YES!

Our stools...nice, huh?

I probably should have used the ladder in this room though since I did Iz's entire room without a single incident but, instead, I pressed my luck. And I paid the price :( I went to step up onto a stool to tape off the ceiling and I stepped too close to the edge, the stool tipped and the legs caught MY leg and left me with quite the nice contusion (I learned that BIG word in class - aren't you impressed?). 

Isn't it lovely?
I put the quarter on my leg just to give you an idea of how ginormous the bruise is.
(please excuse the leg hair - it's winter, after all!)

In the last few days is slowly turned into a nice purply greenish yellow nastiness on my leg. Every night the cat is nice enough (not!) to jump up onto the bed and then proceed to step directly ON the sore spot which sends me practically to the ceiling. Ah well, that's what I get for using the wrong tool for the job :)

Be safe people. BE SAFE.



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