Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Bloggin'

I know I've been MIA for the last few weeks. Just a random post here and there but little else. Well, I tell you what - in the winter I have very little to blog about but plenty of time to do it....and summer blogging is the complete opposite! Plenty to blog about and no time to do it!

Today's one of those days - I have all kind of things to tell you but my mind is focused on one thing and one thing alone...

Tomorrow Mel and I are going to see the last *sob* Harry Potter movie!!!!!

That's all we've been able to talk about all week. We've been obsessively posting quotes from the books on our FB walls and I'm pretty sure everyone we know is ready to perform an unforgiveable curse on us if we don't go see this movie and SOON!!!

Once "Harry Potter Day" is over I won't have time to dwell on the end of the movies/how good or bad they are/how I wish there were more books because not only is tomorrow HPD, it also starts the beginning of WEDDING WEEK! That's right - one week from tomorrow SnL are getting married and that's all I'll be thinking about for the next 7 days :) I'll be putting a new ticker up later today!!!

"...let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."
-Albus Dumbledore



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