Friday, March 18, 2011

More Artwork

I snapped away at Iz's drawings the other night, knowing that it's unrealistic to think that I'll be able to save EVERY drawing, or school paper/project, or card for the rest of her life (though I WANT to!!!!). Ideally I would be scanning things and I probably will at some point but, for now, my snapshots will have to do.

This was a game Iz made for me to play. The top row is 3 magnifying glasses each showing the closeup of part of one of the bottom 3 pictures. I had to match them up :)

Part of this page is another game of Iz's. The left hand side says "I SPY" and then shows 3 things: a bird, a sparkle and a monster. The big box in the middle is where those 3 things are hidden.
The 2 boxes on the top right are "pictures" of the mouse she drew at the bottom (see the camera above the mouse?). The drawing in the circle on the bottom is a tea party, complete with "Chip" from "Beauty and the Beast."
The only explanation I got for this one was that it was questions and she had already answered them! LOL!
This is an older drawing....note to self: ask Iz what this is!!!
Lady bug
A "baby learning game" she made the day Ellie came over. Included are patterns and shapes and all sorts of things she explained to Ellie :)
Notice the 2 top rows of numbers Iz wrote...I'm thinking she might have a touch of dyslexia since she often writes in mirror image though it may just be the fact that she's only 5 and still learning. It's something we're keeping an eye on but not stressing about.
A little writing practice "I SPY SOMETHING THATS SOFT" and "I SPY A GREAT JOB"



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