Monday, March 7, 2011

48 Hours

In the last 48 hours...

-Iz's gag reflex kicked in and she puked all over her bed...then she came into our room and did the same thing!

-My van died on the way to the laundromat to dry all the bedding.

-Hubby was home with Iz....and her booster seat was in my VAN!

-Hubby "fixed" the van enough to get me to the laundromat and home.

-Stopped 3 times in the 12 mile ride home from the laundromat to wait for my van to cool & add more water.

-It rained ALL DAY yesterday. While putting water in the van a passer by hit a HUGE puddle on my side of the road....saoking my ENTIRE right side. *sigh*

-Woke up this morning to a flooded basement - knew it would happen because of the terrible design of our bulkhead but....still stinks!

-And, oh yeah, Iz and I made sugar cookies....maybe today we'll get the chance to decorate them!

Happy Monday Y'all!!!! :)



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