Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, yeah, we went to SnL's for the BIG GAME (yes, I know that was almost 2 weeks ago. Better late than never). Anyhoo...the big boring game with the terribly sung national anthem and two teams I could care less about and no hopes for me winning the football, instead, I focused on the food!

There was a LOT of food there. Taco dip, artichoke dip, muddy buddies, veggies and dip, chex mix, meatball subs, hot wings and cupcakes.

The only picture I have is of the cupcakes. SO cute :)

SOMEONE (ahem, gave Ellie her own dip...
then got scolded by L to clean up MY mess :)

Iz made herself right at home with L's laptop :)

I have more pictures since we were ALL there but, let's face it, you only come here for the cute kids so I won't waste your time with the rest of us :)

Thanks to SnL for hosting!!!!


PBJdreamer said...

yum cupcakes

I love looking at your pics....I long for the days when mine were still that young!!


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