Friday, February 4, 2011

Are YOU Ready For Some FOOTBALL?!?

I wonder what's so great about this bird? What exactly makes it a superb owl? Tee hee hee

So, in case you live under a rock, there's a football game this weekend...kind of a big one in fact. We're headed to SnL's again to hang out, eat, do a Yankee Swap [though with a twist this year...just gift cards...not actual gifts :)] and, maybe, watch a little of the game :)

I would be a whole heck of a lot more interested if MY BOYS were playing this weekend, but nooooooo, they blew it and now I'm stuck between these guys:

and these guys:
It's a tough choice but, since I like to root for someone, I'm thinking....


Here's looking forward to a fun day with the fam....I'm actually more excited about the commercials, halftime show & hanging with Ellie than anything else :)



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