Monday, December 6, 2010

34 Things...Update #4

Here's the original list plus updates :)

So, I'm not really prepared to do a complete update but I HAD to post this today -
#23 . . . DONE :)

Out of everything on my list, repainting the living room/kitchen was the one thing I really thought wouldn't get done but, it did!!! I rearranged the living room last week to accommodate the Christmas tree but the wall was a mess. I figured we could just touch it up but Hubby admitted he wasn't really all that crazy about the pale yellow walls we had. Soooo....we spent a couple hours online looking at colors and I bought paint while I was out on Thursday.
Then Hubby and I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday painting and Iz and I put up Christmas decorations yesterday.

Two whole rooms plus a hallway and the CEILING painted just to put up a tree...but it's worth it. It looks fantastic!

Take a look!

"Silver Birch" Living Room and Ceiling
It's a pale gray but Hubby swears it's pretty much white!

"Wood Smoke" accent wall over the wood stove
(it IS darker than the other walls but it's hard to tell in this pic)

"Luscious Mango" Kitchen :)
I wish I could convey the true Velveeta-ness of my kitchen wall in a photo but I just couldn't do it. But, that's the color - Velveeta, Kraft mac n cheese...super orangey/yellow and BRIGHT! I LOVE IT!!!



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