Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not That Easy

Next week I'll be getting Iz all dolled up and heading out to find a scenic spot to snap some pictures for this year's Christmas card. Last year I was lucky enough to get three pictures that I loved and put them ALL on the card. This year I may not be so lucky...getting ONE good picture is not as easy as it sounds. For example, yesterday...

Me: Hey Iz! Why don't you put on the Pilgrim bonnet you made at school so I can snap a picture?

Iz: *dirty look*

Me: Yes I realize you're finishing your snack but it'll just take a second (cramming bonnet onto said little girl's head). Smile!

*checking camera*

Me: Eek. Not so good.

Me: OK Let's try again. Smile!

*checking camera*

Me: Hmmm...maybe you could walk away from the snack while we take the picture?

Iz: Ugh *walks over to doorway*

Me: OK! Smile

*checking camera*

Me: Dern! I'm not sure if I can crop out the doorknob.

Iz: *flails arms in exasperation*

Me: OK. One.More.Time. SMILE!

*checking camera*

Me: Ahhh...that was easy, wasn't it?

Iz: *stomps off to finish snack*



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