Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween...The Highs (LOTS of Candy!) and The Lows (Um....puking....yeah)

Halloween is officially over :( The decorations will come down later today and we'll start gearing up for Thanksgiving and *gulp* Christmas (1 month, 3 weeks and 2 days people!!!).

We spent Halloween at Auntie D's house, as usual. I spent Saturday night and some of Sunday morning carving pumpkins (pictures coming, hopefully, soon!) and we headed over to Auntie D's Sunday afternoon. I brought pumpkin whoopie pies and veggies & dip....there was also american chop suey, chili, mini apple pies, chips and who knows what else - always plenty of food around with this crowd :)

Not even five minutes after we got there, I turned to see Iz with her hands against her mouth and a strange, panicked look on her face....oh, yes, she was getting sick- poor baby. I grabbed the trash can and up came lunch :( I cleaned her up and set her up on a couch with a movie and she seemed to snap out of it within an hour or so. I'm thinking now that maybe it was a combination of a little too much lunch and a lot of excitement about trick-or-treating.

We went all over Auntie D's neighborhood and gathered quite the stash of candy but it was VERY chilly out, VERY dark and a LOT of houses were not lit up and handing out candy. Close to half of the houses that we usually stop at were dark and abandoned tonight. Talking to a high school buddy that lives in the area he said that people just couldn't keep up anymore....people come from other parts of town to trick-or-treat in Auntie D's neighborhood because it's quiet, has a lot of houses and is easily walkable...this buddy of mine said that last year he spent $150 on candy to hand out!!! Seriously? Then, getting back to Auntie D's when we were done, she told me that they had a lot less trick-or-treaters this year than previously. Strange. I also noted to Hubby on the way home that the ages of the "kids" out last night seemed a little off....for every preschooler/grade schooler walking by, I saw probably 3-4 teenagers (and older!) out gathering candy. Sheesh! Does that seem off to you?

Anyway, I'm going to do my best over the next few days to 1)Get both Iz and I over our pesky colds AND 2)Not eat all of Iz's Halloween candy...I'm thinking I'll have better luck with the former vs. the latter :) Excuse me, I think I hear a Milky Way calling my name.....



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