Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Happened Again!

It seems like. since Iz started school last Fall I haven't really been as committed to the ole blog as I used to be - part of the reason is because I feel like I barely see my girl, part is that I don't take nearly as many pics as I used to and I know that's all anyone wants to see anyway and part is because things have been pretty darn boring around the L house for the past couple months.

But here's a little catch-up for you....

First of all...
Jimmy Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim Jim!!!!!!!
(how on EARTH is he 20 already?!?)

My CNA class is going well. It's taking a lot more of my time than I had bargained for (studying for the test we take EVERY class!) so that's affected the blog. Plus, that's 3 nights a week that I'm not home with my 2 favorite people and I know you don't want me to recap the stuff I'm learning...some is interesting, some is gross. but most of it is just plain BORING.

Iz was home sick for an entire week from the 12th to 16th so that was rough for everyone. I've never seen her so sick before but she went back to school Monday and made it through the week...though now Hubby has it and he's been struggling through work for days but is spending the weekend crashed on the couch - poor thing :( Not to sound heartless but I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that I don't get it.

Tomorrow is Maple Sunday and we're keeping it low key this year - just going down the street to our "local" sugar shack for some syrup and ice cream.

Then Monday the Book Fair starts. I'm the chairperson so I'll be pretty much living at school for the week. Craziness, I tell ya!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you SOON!

Happy Saturday!



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