Monday, October 10, 2011

Upta Camp - October '11

Auntie D and I have been planning on going upta camp Columbus Day weekend for about a year now and, surprisingly enough, the weather actually worked out in our favor (for the most part). 

Day 1 was super cold but that didn't stop Iz from spending a little time outside enjoying the new addition to camp since the last time we were there!

Sweet Kiko :)


Day 2 was much warmer so we all piled in my little car and drove almost to Canada :)

Silliness makes the any car ride go much quicker!

We drove almost to Canada to hike this path and do a little leaf-peeping!

This was our goal...Moxie Falls :)

A glimpse of the river.

Top of the Falls.

Looking down...scary!

Moxie Falls
Awesome. Beautiful. Frightening. LOUD. Amazing!

These steps weren't nearly as bad going down to get to the falls as they were going back UP. UGH!

We saw a sign on the way home for a "historic site" so we had to pull over and check it out.

Click to enlarge and see what happened right here in little ol' Maine :)

A view of the river from the historic site....gorgeous!

Super-fun trip to camp (as usual!)....can't wait to go again. February vaca maybe???



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