Monday, May 17, 2010

The Weekend - Prom '10

Saturday (which was my BIRTHDAY!) Hubby, Iz and I headed down to Auntie D's to see JnD all dolled up for prom and embarrass them by taking one bazillion pictures before letting them escape :)

Of course, I forgot my CAMERA so I stole these pics from Auntie D and T...Thanks!!!

D all dressed up....she had the giggles during the photo shoot so it was hard to get one where she wasn't being silly :)

Can not BELIEVE this is "little" J....I remember the day he was born...I remember taking care of him when he was just a babe....I remember him being a toddler, a preschooler, a kid....where on earth did the time go? 18-years-old now...graduating from High School in a couple weeks and looking like a *gulp* grown-up in his tux Saturday night!

Cute :)

I went yard-saling the morning of my birthday and found a couple good deals for Iz , the cookout at Auntie D's was a blast and Sunday was spent relaxing around the house and getting ready for more warm weather...we brought out the patio swing and Iz's kiddie pool. We also got an impromptu visit from Nannie and Papa who are always a better audience than us for Iz's shenanigans :)



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