Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maine Weather

Ten days ago it was 80 degrees out...3 days ago it was 70 degrees and we went for a bike ride/walk with Auntie D and Ellie.

This morning we woke up to Iz screaming that "It SNOWED!"

I expected a dusting...what I got was this:

Iz was out playing in the snow by 8am, we lost power at 9 (for about 45 minutes) and now, at 10, Iz has bundled up again and headed back out :)

The ONLY good thing about snow this time of year is that it won't last long, but seriously...enough is enough!

We're headed to Mel's tomorrow for J's birthday party....there's supposed to be a bouncy house but that part of the party is being postponed until next weekend which, hopefully, won't be as COLD and SNOWY!!!



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