Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Adventure

I'm going back to school . . . to become a CNA

This is frightening in so many ways. It's been 18 years since I graduated from high school. I went to college for a couple years after that. So, to be safe let's say I haven't been a student for 15 years! In that 15 years I've gotten married and had a child, moved into a new house and become a SAHM. That's a lot of changes. Plus, I have "mom brain" now...meaning if I don't write it down I don't remember it!

It will be a challenge schedule-wise for everyone. My classes are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights so Hubby and Iz will be on their own for dinner and bedtime. There will be nights that Hubby won't be able to be home on time and, in those cases, Auntie D or my buddy R (need to think of a good nickname for her!) will watch Iz until Hubby can get her. Then in April it gets really fun when my clinicals begin. Then I'll be picking Iz up from school a little early 2 days a week in order to drop her off at Auntie D's or R's until Hubby gets home. Complicated but doable - it's just for a couple months.

Class starts tonight. I'm nervous but excited and I'm sure I'll do just fine.

I will need to do some shopping soon, though....for a pair of these:
and some of these :)




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